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The ExciseMan is simply a Whisky Bar dedicated to whisky lovers by whisky lovers.  As non-partisan emissaries of this noble beverage, we at The ExciseMan Whisky Bar offer whiskies regardless of brand, age statements, awards and how rare or expensive they may be.  We appreciate the whisky that's in the bottle, not the label nor the increasingly influenced "gold medals" given these days. 

We will do our best to make recommendations that suit our customers' taste, and we balance this with their appetite for exploring other less well known whiskies.

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Come and enjoy your whisky, cognac, rum, gin, tequila or beer in a cozy, relaxing & friendly atmosphere. Please book ahead for the seminar and private rooms.  We look forward to seeing you at the bar.The ExciseMan - Our Century Old Baby Grand Piano

Whisky Bars in Singapore

It is our belief that there is a very high degree of expertise in Singapore’s Whisky Bars.  We at The ExciseMan Whisky Bar aim to uphold and complement these high standards set by our dedicated professionals in the industry.  Hand in hand with these genuine & unpretentious specialists, we hope to put Singapore on the map for Whisky lovers the world over.

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About The ExciseMan Whisky Bar

Our standard pours are 30ml. As our Doubles are generally priced at only 50% more than a single shot, we will not split doubles into 2 glasses.

Many of our whiskies are limited releases, and are only sold by-the-glass.

Please accept our sincere apologies should we be out of a particular whisky or beverage.

We do not have sampler sets or flights as we prefer to focus on being a Whisky Bar rather than a Whisky Tasting Room.

Our selection is focused on Scotch, with only a handful from the USA & Ireland.

By choice we have a very limited selection of Japanese Whiskies, as in our opinion their current prices have escalated beyond fair value

Although tap water in Singapore is very safe for direct consumption, we have installed four charcoal-filtered water dispensers at the bar primarily to remove any chlorine taste that can affect a whisky. You are most welcome to help yourself.

The ExciseMan endeavours to make your experience at our bar a very enjoyable one. We respect ALL and expect our customers to do likewise to our staff and fellow customers.

When using your mobiles, we request that you be considerate to others by moderating your voices and where possible having them on silent.  Also, kindly refrain from using mobile devices for music, games or any other use that is noisy.

For the benefit of everyone, The ExciseMan, reserves the right to refuse entry or service to any person who is intoxicated, rude, aggressive or simply affecting our friendly & relaxed atmosphere.

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What we recommend you NOT use as a strict guide to selecting a Whisky!

The world of whiskies has unfortunately become highly Marketing driven.  The direction of the whisky industry is being steered by slick “Mad Men” rather than by the real people who put their hearts & souls into making good whisky.

It is more than a coincidence that distilleries that advertise with a publication get more accolades by them.  So, it’s not uncommon to see a whisky being awarded with more medals than North Korean generals.  What is even more disturbing is that these publications shelter their advertisers by not publishing bad reviews when poorly made whiskies are submitted.  Professional courtesy??? Well that doesn’t serve the interests of us humble whisky lovers.  Publications have still not worked out who their customers are, the advertisers or their readers.

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A Journey with Whiskies

Start off with a wee sip of the whisky neat and judge if you require a splash of water to help ‘open up’ the whisky.  This is particularly beneficial for high strength whiskies.

Remember that whisky distillers have always emphasized that they don’t expect their whiskies to be drunk neat.  Whiskies are bottled at various strengths for different reasons.  For example, cask strength ABVs are determined by alcoholic evaporation and hence arbitrary and not necessarily the optimal drinking strength.  On the other end of the spectrum, as 40% ABV is the lowest legal bottling limit for how much a whisky can be diluted, it too is an arbitrary tasting strength. Non-chill filtered whiskies are usually bottled at or above 46% ABV primarily to avoid clouding, which again may not be optimal for that whisky.  Believe me, it won’t make anyone less “macho” if you add just a splash of water to your whisky!

When applying water, there is a ‘sweet spot’ for every bottling which again differs with each person.  It may well be that the ‘sweet spot’ is not adding any water at all; the choice is yours. 

We also recommend you don’t switch whiskies too much in the course of an evening.  We would like you to enjoy each whisky to its fullest and follow how it develops in the glass over time.

These days, it can be difficult to ignore the influences of commercialization.  Having an open mind in your journey with whiskies and other aged spirits will go a long way to make each tasting more enjoyable.  Focusing on the brand or distillery, age statements, colour, cask used, country of origin, write-ups or scores can be an unnecessary distraction and may influence your perception and experience.

Alcohol is a charming, delightful and obliging servant BUT a very uncompromising & nasty master.  We find that a good way to extend your enjoyment of alcoholic beverages is to be mindful and deliberate when taking each sip so that it can be thoroughly appreciated.  Enjoy your whiskies to the fullest but remember, it’s not a race and there always another day.  We wish you all a very memorable & positive experience at The ExciseMan.  Cheers!

The ExciseMan Whisky Bar

8 Raffles Avenue, Esplanade Mall #02-27 Singapore 039802

Phone: (65)-69631192

The Exciseman Whisky Bar is Closed on Sundays - For Now!

Kindly use our email or phone to book the seminar and private rooms.

ADULT 18+ I.D. may be required

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